E-Sourcing is the process of obtaining bids from different suppliers via a single online portal. The benefits of E-Sourcing include streamlining the sourcing process, reducing prices by maximizing supplier competition, and creating a repository for sourcing information.

Companies worldwide are increasing their use of Internet-based technology systems to find the best suppliers, products and prices. Sourcing is a tool to be used in all new RFQ, RFP and Tenders .Dayeetva e-sourcing ensures smooth and clear communication, and is a more profitable business tool for the suppliers as well as buyer.

E-Sourcing System can be easily integrated with ERP application.

Become A Partner Benefits for Buyer
  • Fast Cost Reduction and High RoI.
  • Improved efficiency and centralization of Information
  • Repeatability and audit ability of the E-Sourcing Process
  • Time saving
  • Provides a simple format for submitting data online
  • Faster evaluation process
  • Clearly defined requirements
  • More transparent negotiation
  • Compete for global business




Benefits for Supplier
  • Transparency in Sourcing
  • Instant Feedback and closure through an Interactive Process
  • Shortening of Sales Cycle leading to Lower Sales Cost
  • Time saving
  • Provides a simple format for submitting data online

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